24 March 2009

Monkey in the Middle

In Issue 1075 of Rolling Stone Magazine (otherwise known as the Gossip Girl issue), the leading men of Gossip Girl give what could be considered a thumbs up recommendation of Victory Brewing Company's Golden Monkey. Ed, Chace, and Penn provide some details about the beer during their interview, however, one does not know Golden Monkey until they have truly experienced it. At 9.5% alcohol by volume, Golden Monkey can pack quite the punch. Whenever the monkey rears it's ugly head, within my circle of friends, we know we are all in for quite the night.
Victory Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Downingstown, PA. Admittedly, Golden Monkey (with its spicy and bold flavor) is an acquired taste. Fans of Belgian ales will like it; it is certainly not your father's Budweiser or Stella. Residents of Central New Jersey can find their beers in most fine liquor stores, as well as at the New Brunswick favorite, Stuff Yer Face. Kudos to the Gossip Guys for name checking something other than Patron. Perhaps this is one Gossip Girl trend that many guys will latch on to.

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