10 February 2009

Studio 360 visits Japan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with all things kawaii. I am in love with the Japanese concept of cuteness. It is great to see that Studio 360 is covering this phenomenon. Kurt Andersen visits the "land of the rising sun", along with Studio 360. This amazing broadcast has been made possible by a grant. Below, you will find a video of Kurt Andersen, in the Shibuya district, along with the creator of Tokyo Mango. Tokyo Mango is one of the most authoritative blogs regarding an American perspective on Japanese culture. Besides the video footage covering the Studio 360's visit, you can follow along with the corresponding podcast.

Kurt Andersen visits Tokyo's exclusive sticker picture booths from Matthew Cavnar on Vimeo.

09 February 2009

Taking it off at Asbury Lanes

Burlesque performances are making a splash at Asbury Lanes, the bowling alley/performance venue in Asbury Park. This Sunday, the legendary Pontani Sisters will be performing, along with Murray Hill. Tickets are $12 for pre-sale and $15 at the door. The Pontani Sisters' claim to fame is a unique burlesque show that brings back the sweetness of yesteryear. In time for Valentine's Day, it is an excellent alternative to the usual celebration. Check out the video, below, to get a preview of the girls' nifty dancing.

05 February 2009

From Charles Bass to Charlie Bartlett: Preppy Bad Boys Emerge: Part 2

In this continuing series of critiques, I will be analyzing the emergence of the preppy bad boy in contemporary teen media. In my prior post, I contrasted the differences between the male characters portrayed in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight with those depicted in Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl series. Feminists and parents groups have expressed alarm at the relationship dynamics featured in both Twilight and Gossip Girl. Each has become an example, by older generations, of what is wrong with American youth.

In fairness, von Ziegesar was expressed dismay over the way in which the television series has started to diverge from her original concepts. For example, in the printed series, Aaron Rose character who remains with ingenue Serena van der Woodsen for quite some time. However, both viewers and Cecily were horrified at the manner in which television Rose was portrayed. According to von Ziegesar, Aaron Rose was intended to be a free-thinking bohemian, who happened to be wealthy. Instead, he evolved into a narcissistic hipster. Once again, there was a demonetization of the wealthy male.

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01 February 2009

Ad Rage

Have you ever experienced ad rage? Advertising rage is the feeling one gets when they are exposed to an ad (either in print, radio, television, or internet) that forces you to realize that most ad agencies are still stuck in the fifties. Recently, Nabisco released a commercial for their 100 calorie snack packs that featured adult women, many of professional attire. The crowd screamed hysterically, seemingly over a celebrity. Towards the middle of the commercial, the women overturn the delivery truck of the sweet treats.

I saw this commercial for the first time, today, while watching Super Bowl pregame coverage, with my father. My father, who spent most of his youth on construction sites with men, turned to me asked why there were no men chasing 100 calorie treats. He said,"Men need to lose a little weight, also. What would make them think that we wouldn't want to eat those. Now, I might not eat them. After all, they are for women". I was proud that my father, who often does not acknowledge issues pertaining to women, was as disturbed as I was.
In reaction to the flood of commercials that will be featured during Super Bowl Sunday, Current will be featuring a special Target Women episode. Target Women offers criticism of mainstream marketing from the uniquely sarcastic perspective of comedienne Sarah Haskins.

Nabisco's 100 Calorie Ad

Watch and Experience Ad Rage

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