11 December 2012

From Tulle to Tweed's Top 20 Songs of 2012 (14-11)

Without much fan fare, we are going to plunge into the songs that are in the middle portion of my list.  In contrast with the previous post, there will be a greater emphasis on the some of the indie music darlings of 2012, with only one pop vocalist thrown in.  As we are all entitled to our opinions and musical taste is subjective, please comment on my Top 20 list.

SM Entertainment's EXO-K, the Korean branch of a k-pop mega group, is probably the most talented group currently on  Lee Soo-Man's roster.  Even though the group contains the general formula of rapper, vocalists, dancers, there is an absence of dead weight.  One of my favorite aspects of YG Entertainment's Big Bang is their versatility regarding genres and a complete absence of talentless members.  Exo-K replicates this sense of epic artistry, but is chock full of the weirdness (supernatural mythology created around one band) that one only sees with SM.  MAMA was part of EXO's creation story; someone was definitely having delusions of grandeur.

13. Mercy-Kanye West feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz
2012 was another stellar year for Kanye West, one in which he boastfully rapped about his exploits with Kim Kardashian while globetrotting on tour with Jay-Z. Mercy is as over the top is a hip hop anthem can be. The song showcases relative newcomers Big Sean and 2 Chainz while not over powering Kanye or Pusha T's star power.  Mercy is a song best enjoyed straight, but for the sake of this audience,  I will be posting the censored version.

12. Titanium-David Guetta featuring Sia
Titanium was released during the second week of December 2011, but didn't begin to receive wide airplay or criticism until 2012.  The song transcends the dance tracks that define David Guetta, instead embracing the extraordinary vocal talent of SiaSia's vocal range is stretched within the work, well past the parameters listeners are accustomed to hearing.  Overall, Titanium is a rare song for both artists.

11. Frank Ocean-Thinking About You
Frank Ocean emerged from experimental rap group, Odd Future, to be showcased on Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album in 2011.  While Frank Ocean may have appeared to be out of place in Odd Future, his vocals were the perfect fit for Watch the Throne's  track, No Church in the Wild.   With his debut album, Channel Orange, Ocean continues to woo the hearts of listeners with his tender crooning.  Thinking About You is a song that was tailor made to fit all audiences.

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