06 December 2011

Herman Cain: The Fall of the Republican's Magical Negro

Herman Cain,  also known as one of the GOP's token black guys, has finally withdrawn from the race to become the 2012 Republican presidential candidate.   His participation in the race, thus far, has been filled with one pratfall after another.   To many African Americans,  it is insulting that a self  proclaimed pizza tycoon could even be considered a feasible presidential candidate.  This ill planned decision reeked of the same backward thinking that occurred during the 2008 race; after all, the only commonality between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin was that they both have vaginas.

To say that Cain has added entertainment value to the race would be a gross understatement.   The first  "uh-oh" moment of the campaign was when,Cain riding on the magic carpet of his 9-9-9 plan, made his damning statement about the poor and unemployed.  While some of his comments regarding the Occupy movement may have been true, Cain neglected to point about the obvious statistics that the lack of domestic manufacturing and skilled labor jobs are what has driven the unemployment rates of minorities and those with lower degrees of education to all-time lows.   If the infant mortality rate of Milwaukee is now worse than areas in rural China, do we blame the citizens of Milwaukee or do we blame tax laws which make manufacturing in China and oversees more profitable?


Cain's inept interview comments regarding foreign policy and Libya further drive home the point that while he may have mastered marketing sub-par pizza, he is no Rhodes scholar.   The Republican party allowed Cain to maintain a bumbling image which later dissolved into one of the philandering oaf.   Ironically, back in May 2011, The Astute Bloggers, published a post decrying early claims that Herman Cain was the GOP's magical negro.   Guess they need to watch the video for "The Song of the South" a few more times.  


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  1. Yet again more bashing of Herman Cain for his skin color. Like when MSNBC labeled him as a sort of aggressive black sexual predator.

    "Negro" is a quaint word that now has racist meaning floating along with it. Not only do you bash Cain for his skin color, you use a racist insult against him. This was very common from the Left when the man ran.

    "Herman Cain, also known as one of the GOP's token black guys"

    Do you use this insult against Obama?

    "To many African Americans, it is insulting that a self proclaimed pizza tycoon could even be considered a feasible presidential candidate"

    This one is weird. The man WAS a pizza tycoon, running a major national chain. Whether or not he was self-proclaimed.